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Day Two - Monday, 28.12.09

Well, after an exhausting Monday - by many accounts - we launch into our Tuesday schedule. A quick get together at 8.00 am, followed by a rehearsal in the Rehearsal Tent (just behind the Green Room) and then back down to the Muse for today's big gig!

We'll be doing a number of songs different to last night's set list, including the European Drinking songs and the Irish Aussie Blessing.

Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to upload a heap of photos later!

A dalek and a few dodgy looking cybermen. ::: Photo courtesy of Rory Hill.
Settling into a Pink Floyd number. ::: SingFest, May 01, 2010
Photo courtesy of Justine Cox
Macedonian Goat-free folk song ::: One of our baritones, Joyaa, introducing a Macedonian song which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with goats. Note, one of the audience members was so impressed, she spontaneously joined us for this one.
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