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Day One - Sunday 27.12.09

Well, here we are!

Most of the lads and their various family members rocked into our campsite - up along Sting's Ring Road - sometime yesterday. The rain made us all very welcome again and again! It was raining on and off all night and most of us survived intact, although our newest bass Alan and his son, Jamie had to deal with more water on the inside of their tent than on the outside! They're still smiling though! Poor lads!'s plan? A bit of a meeting and rehearsal this morning, then into the festival. We've got a workshop at 3.15 pm - Yous Wot Sing - and we're going to leap into our version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"! More later! Well, it's been an exhausting day! We rehearsed at out campsite for about an hour, then headed out into the day.

Here's what happened:

Workshop - Yous Wot Sing - The Mill, 3.15 pm

In the evening we had our first gig. It was held at 9.35 pm at The Muse. Here's a look at that gig!

Performance - Men Wot Sing - The Muse, 9.35 pm 

What a great way to start our Woodford experience!

On with the rest of the week! ...

Image Gallery

Cybermen Wot Sing ::: Sunday, 9.35 pm - The Muse, Woodford, 2009/2010
Wot you lookin' at then? ::: Awesome photo taken by Sharon Dean.
How 'bout a pint? ::: SingFest, May 01, 2010
Photo courtesy of Branca
Some of the boys. ::: Awesome photo taken by Sharon Dean.
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