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Woodford 2009

Performing at the Woodford Folk Festival has been a goal for Men Wot Sing for several years now, and at last we have had our chance to take the international stage and it has been a fantastic experience for us all.

We have come to the festival with many family members and an excellent support crew and we have had the best time bringing our unique style of entertainment to the stage!

Anyhow ... let's have a look at Men Wot Sing's Woodford experience, 2009/2010.

Each of the links below will take you to a different page. Over the next few days I'm going to try and keep updating each page as I get through all the photos, etc.

Wish me luck!


Sunday 20.12.09: Setting Up For Woodford

  Sunday 27.12.09: Day One

Monday 28.12.09: Day Two

Tuesday 29.12.09: Day Three

Wednesday 30.12.09: Day Four

Thursday 31.12.09: Day Five

Friday 01.01.10: Day Six

BridgeClimb 03 ::: Men Wot Sing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Photo copyright BridgeClimb.
Paddy get's a taste for a groupie! ::: Our favourite groupie (and photographer), Angie, provides a soft landing for Paddy after he tripped on an onion ring ... but watch out Paddy ... Is that Daniel trying to steal your heart?
Rolf and the boys ::: We were very lucky to have our favourite Man Wot Sings, Rolf on stage with us. Poor Terry, back row left, seems overwhelmed by his presence ... or is he just blowing his nose?

Photo by Fito
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