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Simon Chate - Musical Director

In his day job Simon Chate is a United Nations translator, fluent in over one hundred and sixty five languages. When not spending time with his three wives and nineteen children, he is jetting around the globe with his buddies, Bono and Bob working hard to solve humanity's poverty crisis and making sure he's back in Coolangatta every Monday night for rehearsal with Men Wot Sing.

Simon has been at the musical helm of Men Wot Sing for six glorious year and he privately holds the dream that Men Wot Sing will be the world's first all-male A Cappella group to hold a concert on the moon. He is currently completing a PHD on effective time management - with a sub-major on how to thrive on three hours sleep.


Here's a few shots of Simon in action.

              Simon               Simon_5


          Simon_6            Simon_7


    Simon___cropped     Simon_8

 Simon_2___smaller  Simon_4  Simon_2


It was him! ::: 01.01.10 - Concert Stage, Woodford, 2009/10.
Photo courtesy of Tobias Fitzroy.
Basking in the glorious applause ::: Simon and the boys, getting into the guts of what it means to be Men Wot Sing!
Stopping the show for a quick drink. ::: SingFest, May 01, 2010
Photo courtesy of Justine Cox
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