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Greg Gapp - Tenor

Greg was born the illegitamate son of Sean Connery.  

Sean and his Mum met....(obviously!)....and soon after he was brought into the world to the happy tones of Sean's favourite song, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport." The baby was then quietly whisked away by the British Government to Australia so as to avoid scandal as at the time Sean was being groomed for the monarchy.  

Greg grew up a humble young Man working by day verifying computers for their accuracy and by night as a gigolo, bringing much joy to thousands of women.  His risque ilifestyle soon took its toll on him and he threw away his gold latex jocks and retired to the simple life.  

After much soul-searchig, he discovered that he had other less refined talents and ventured out of retirement as a semi professional entertainer. He was soon spotted by one of the Men Wot Sing talent scouts and asked to join the group. Although many say his talents are wasted amongst these disturbing gentlemen - and Greg would whole heartedly agree - right now he is having too much fun to stop and do something more meaningful -  like paint the fence or stand on one leg in the snow and dream of greatness.

 Greg 2_2      Greg_3 


More air guitarists. ::: 01.01.10 - Concert Stage, Woodford, 2009/10.
Photo courtesy of Tobias Fitzroy.
A couple of likely lads! ::: Awesome photo taken by Sharon Dean.
Irish Aussie Blessing ::: A sensitive adaptation of the traditional Irish Blessing given a little bit of a Men Wot Sing treatment.
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