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Daniel Jones - Alto

Born and educated in a monastery until age 14, Daniel lived a relatively quiet life. His spare time he would spend in the company of monks who would educate him on world affairs. It was then that the pubescent Daniel, with eyes like an ocean, moved away from his monk guardians to commence his next life chapter.


After a brief stint as a professional bantam weight boxer and a few years in the regime, he would journey to the land of Oz as, in his heart, he could feel an emptiness – a yearning for which a remedy was not readily accessible. He spent a time ‘observing’ Australian culture and only after having become temporarily besotted with a buxom beauty from Uzbekistan would he be able to justify to himself that his quest was not yet over.


So he plodded on through life, and even though his often tempestuous nature reared its ugly head regularly, his unwavering and effervescent personality were qualities that were very much welcomed by a particular group of misfits called ‘Men Wot Sing’.


That was some time ago and the rest, as they say, is history.


  Who Farted?

Paul - getting ready for the Toyi Toyi ::: The Bazaar, 9.30 am.
Photo courtesy of Tobias Fitzroy
Anyone seen my contact lense? ::: Awesome photo taken by Sharon Dean.
Do you like my evil eyes? ::: Awesome photo taken awesomely by Ian Bowles.
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