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Bill Lee-Emery - Tenor

Bill was born at the normal age into an ordinary New Zealand household with no redeeming characteristics save for his families predilection for unusual hobbies. This made them somewhat interesting to their neighbours albeit also a little disturbing. If his parents knew how this was to shape Bill’s future life, they would have moved suburbs.

Bored by the constant taunts at primary school of ‘you’re weird bro’ he moved his family at the age of 7 to the cloudy, dull climes of England, hoping to be more easily absorbed into that diverse culture. At once hailed as a child to be reckoned with by his peers who thought he spoke in a foreign language, he quickly assimilated. Happily his so-called ‘weird’ hobbies paled into insignificance in the dank English atmosphere, especially compared to the antics of some prominent politicians, Lords of the Realm, and of course, the clergy. He did pick up the nickname, ‘da collecta’ although this is never spoken to his face for obvious reasons. Most people want to keep theirs intact. If he looks intently at your skin...move away quietly... but never ever run.

At age 20 it was obvious he could not stay in England anymore. Commentators at the time attributed some of his behaviour and ever more unsettling hobbies to his boarding school experiences. Given the School’s affection for strange handshakes and secrecy it really isn’t surprising. There was an audible sigh amongst most upright citizens when Bill left for Australia and due to their lackadaisical immigration, slipped in unnoticed.

Since then Bill has kept a low profile and amongst the bizarre inhabitants of Men Wot Sing seems quite normal ... unless of course you have something of interest he may wish to add to his unusual and slightly disturbing collection. It is rumoured Madam Tussauds of London has made a bid should he ever decide to sell it, however it is unlikely that it would ever be shown in public.

His favourite movie is "The Silence of the Sheep".

Bill is a tenor, but then wot else would you expect?

  Bill_3    Bill


Dr Who visits the National Railway Museum. ::: Photo courtesy of Adam, Bobs Sound Solution, Adelaide
Has anyone seen my straight-jacket? ::: Photo courtesy of Jodie Minton.
Trucking on down that street! ::: Photo courtesy of Jamie Hill
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