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Men Wot Who?

So...Who exactly are the Men Wot Sing­?

Let's find out, shall we?­ ­

Welcome to the super dooper portal into the dar­k, mysterious and some might say ... twisted inner world of Men Wot Sing.

Most of the pics you see here were taken by Tobias Fitzroy at our performance on the Concert Stage, 10.00 am, Friday January 1st, 2010. Thanks Tobias!  

  For a more indepth look at each singer, click on the images below:


Musical D­irec­tor

Simon Chate 


Jonathan Clough


To be updated soon



  Greg___text  Bill



Daniel    Mike_2


What an attractive bunch of blokes! 

And you should hear them sing!

Oy! That audient over there ... she done it! ::: Awesome photograph taken by the lovely Melinda Reed. 
Thanks Melinda!
In Men Wot Sing we advocate responsible drinking! ::: Photo courtesy of Adam, Bobs Sound Solution, Adelaide
What are you lookin' at? ::: Awesome photo taken awesomely by Ian Bowles.
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