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More Cool Pics

Click on one of the years below to have a gander through some fantastic photos of

Men Wot Sing doing what they do best!










And for a look at the lads taking the Men Wot Sing brand out into the world ...

check these out!

Out and About with Men Wot Sing

M.W.S & Colin George of the Fatherhood Festival ::: A quick pre-gig snapshot before running onto the stage at the 2007 Fatherhood Festival. Note the old corrugated iron barn in the background! Great atmosphere! Very Arty!
(Photo: Greg Saunders)
Michelle, sings well! ::: Yous Wot Sing Workshop, Sunday, May 20th, 2012
The Bogans are back in town. ::: SingFest, May 01, 2010
Photo courtesy of Justine Cox
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