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Philosophers' Song

This is an old favourite from the Monty Python Collection.

As one would expect from a passionate, all male group, we sing a lot about the things we love, hence all our songs about beer, sex and goats! A challenging sing...both physically and mentally, the Philosophers' Song is the glorious conclusion to a trilogy of European drinking songs. It's the one with the words that you can almost understand. Almost!

Here we are performing the song live at Ewingsdale Hall, Near Byron Bay, N.S.W. on September 02, 2007, in a combined concert with the Byron based group, The Jazz Drops.

Woomboo on the cyber march ::: Awesome image courtesy of Bryce Wegener.
Never too busy for a drop of red! ::: Before, after or even during a performance, Men Wot Sing know and appreciate the true value of the health giving properties of a small glass of good red wine.
No, not here ... ::: Don't think so ...
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