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You will have read in Our History that Men Wot Sing have been around for since 1999 under the name of Ancestral Tones, which was more appropriate to our sound and style in those days. However, after much soul searching, in 2006 we changed the name because it no longer suited our persona. We were far more vibrant, energetic and had made the leap to becoming a more entertaining group.

If you follow the links below and be a little patient you will see why the change was necessary. There is no longer anything "Ancestral" about us, and we think you will find a lot more "Wot" than "Tones".

Internet technology has taken off in a big way for us all, and Men Wot Sing have been quick to jump onto the You Tube wagon, thus propelling us firmly into the world of video superstardom.

Check us out at: -

Farewell Johnnie Howard or Cuckold or even The Philosophers Song

Some of the boys at Coolangatta Airport ::: Peter, Terry, Paul and Nugget - looking every bit the rock stars. Terry's hat kept slipping off his head! 
Photo courtesy of Tyrone - thanks dude!
Men Wot Sing Black Mambazo ::: Ewingsdale Hall, N.S.W., Sept 09, 2007.
Are my shoelaces undone? ::: Photo courtesy of Jodie Minton.
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