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500M Miles

This is a Men Wot Sing Page only. Only the group members should be able to access this page.

Here are the Groups Singing resources.
The musical director will upload the song files in MP3 format.
The music sheets will be in PDF format

These resources are for the group members to download and use for practice.

It is important for the group to check this page regularly to make sure you are up to date with all the current music both in MP3 and in PDF.

All material here for distribution is the intellectual property of Simon Chate and Men Wot Sing unless otherwise stated.




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BridgeClimb Photos - 02.10.2013


The Yous Wot Singers! ::: Yous Wot Sing Workshop, Sunday, May 20th, 2012
I think I just found it ... under my boot! ::: Awesome photo taken by Sharon Dean.
The distrubing effects of a well-placed fart! ::: 01.01.10 - Concert Stage, Woodford, 2009/10.
Photo courtesy of Tobias Fitzroy, and with a bit of a tweak by Simon Chate
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