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Musical Director…

Simon ChateSinger/Composer/Teacher/Musical Director


Simon has a BA in Contemporary Music majoring in Voice, and has also completed a Graduate Diploma of Education at Southern Cross University, Lismore. He is currently a full time music teacher at Alstonville High School, NSW, and Musical Director to Men Wot Sing.

Simon has a long history of performance as a member of many choirs, vocal ensembles and as a singer and guitarist. He is a gifted musician, a teacher of voice and guitar and a composer as well as being a Musical Director. He has toured internationally on five occasions with ‘Isabella A Cappella’, a vibrant nine member vocal ensemble based at Southern Cross University.

Simon’s passion for the sound of the human voice and rhythms of the world give him a dynamic teaching style that involves movement, rhythm and lots of laughter. His sense of fun provides a host of inspirational and wacky ideas which take us on an emotional and spiritual journey, helping us all to join in and celebrate with his lust for life.

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Current Members...

Alto -

Tim Smyth

Paddy McIlveen

Paul Hobbs

Tenors -

Bill Lee Emery

Jonathan Clough

Gregg Gapp

David Gould

Daniel Jones

Ian (Nugget) Connop

Baritones -

John Willers

Joyaa Antares

Andrew McClymont

Rob Allen

Peter Luckcraft

Adam Blanch

Terry Manning

Bass -

Alan Hill

Nick Palmer

Tyrone Freleich

Paul Neugass

Lou Rada

Lumberjacks galore! ::: SingFest, May 01, 2010
Photo courtesy of Justine Cox
Throwing Our Arms Around :::
Ready to Dreadlock. ::: Photo courtesy of Rory Hill.
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